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Sydney Talker 

Sydney Talker
Sydney Talker

Sydney Egere, popularly known as Sydney Talker, is an online comedian with over 200 post and 400k followers on Instagram. He is also known as THE TOWEL GUY for his distinct facial expressions and sarcastic videos. He tells COMEDYMEAL about his journey so far.

How his journey into comedy started

He said:

I’m naturally crazy; I’ve been crazy since I was a child. Comedy is something I love so much. I started doing comedy when I was in secondary school. Anytime I take a break from comedy, I won’t feel comfortable. I am the only child of my parents but I didn’t grow up with them because they were separated.

I stayed with different people while growing up but mostly with my mum. Staying with different people made me feel left out sometimes in their house, so I was always by myself watching comic videos. Subsequently, I started doing skits and since then, I have not stopped.

If I stop doing comedy skits, I will fall ill. I watch American and Nigerian comedy skits a lot; I found an untapped niche in Nigerian comedy so I decided to explore it. I knew that I needed to have a unique selling point and that was why I decided to be using towel in my skits. I wanted my fans to be able to identify me with something unique.

  • Gender: male
  • Eye Color: brown
  • Hair Color: black

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